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The Inter-Sprint profile

What started as a small workplace in Rotterdam is now, over 50 years later, the main distribution centre of car and truck tyres in Europe. Moerdijk business park is now home to an important logistic centre. Several locations together constitute one well-oiled logistic machine.

Whether it concerns a full trailer or several individual items, we give every order equal attention. Because we have always placed priority on quality, service, knowledge and expertise, many of our relations have been customers right from the start. Relations we are proud of. Besides taking care of our existing relations, our professional commercial department is naturally always looking out for new business: the bigger our customer portfolio, the better the purchase advantage.

Our purchasing strategy focuses on buying the A brands, our private labels and exclusive brands in large quantities worldwide. Partly thanks to this strategy, we can always supply tyres from our own stock at very competitive prices.

Our transport department organises deliveries throughout Europe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For urgent deliveries, we have a special "Express Service". Fast deliveries as extra service, outside standard delivery times.

Inter-Sprint leads the field where investing in new technologies is concerned. Ordering tyres, wheels or complete sets online, combined with day or night deliveries is a totally normal experience for our customers. ICT systems developed in house support all our automated processes. But supporting customers in developing complex, online stock systems is no exception either.

Of course, we continually invest in people and knowledge because it is that combination of expert staff and a reliable logistic process which makes us strong.

Inter-Sprint optimizes transport and chooses to use sustainable applications