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Our tyre and wheel specialists

In the Rotterdam region, we have very consciously set up various tyre and wheel specialists. All easily accessible with a modern design and layout reflecting the image built up over the years of reliability, excellent service and optimal customer friendliness.

These specialist stores are responsible for delivering and fitting car tyres and wheels for the end user and are based on the tenets of our initial success: personal contact, expert knowledge and good prices combined with speed.

The branches of the Sprint and Velgenwereld are ideal pilot locations for Inter-Sprint to test new products and services. In addition to the valuable input that we already receive from our customers and based on the market information collected in these specialist stores, we are able to maintain contact with our end users and thus provide good advice and information.

This means that we can optimally align our product assortment to market demand. For the entire product assortment and branch addresses, visit www.desprint.nl or www.velgenwereld.nl.

Rotterdam Centrum
Tollensstraat 65
3035 ND Rotterdam
Tel: 010 - 465 85 32

Rijksstraatweg 65
3222 KB Hellevoetsluis
Tel: 0181 - 31 89 55

Goudestein 65
3085 DB Rotterdam
Tel: 010 - 481 04 34

Leemkuil 11
3191 ET Hoogvliet
Tel: 010 - 472 08 17

Sportlaan 15
2982 SM Ridderkerk
Tel: 0180 - 49 73 73